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To make things clear, let me tell you a couple of stories about why I chose to practice estate law and business law the way my firm currently practices it.

Some time ago, my husband and I discovered that there was a direct flight offered from Denver to Paris. I have always dreamed of visiting Paris, but we have 2 young children (ages 1.5 and 3 at the time) which made me think I would have to postpone such trips until they grow up. With a direct flight, we could do just a quick getaway for a few days and leave the kids with my mother-in-law. So we flew off to Paris for 3 days, leaving my mother-in-law in our house with the kids.

Somewhere flying across the Atlantic, I had a sudden thought pop into my head: “What would happen to our kids and our house/businesses/other real estate if we were to crash now?” That thought sent chills down my spine; not because I was afraid to die (we will all die eventually, right?), but because it absolutely terrified me to think that my young kids would remain unprotected and may not have access to all of our assets with the help of a competent adult that we trust. To think about it – my mother-in-law was retired with a potentially life-threatening condition. She also did not speak any English and had no idea where our property documents or other assets were located. She also had a different last name than us (my husband’s parents got divorced), so she had no way of proving she was related to the kids (this is in addition to the fact that she would not even be able to explain it due to her lack of the knowledge of English). Would she even know what to do if we didn’t come back? Would the police show up eventually or the child protective services? What proof would she have that she would be at least a short-term chosen guardian? Would she have access to our assets to take care of the kids? Would she even know what we have or how to manage them? Is there anyone she could call to find that out?... Would the kids be taken to foster care until my parents and other family members were located (they live in a different state)? Would my minor children just receive our life insurance pay-outs outright? Or would a court appoint some stranger to supervise the assets until they reach 18? Who would know how to gather all of our assets and administer them in the best interest of our kids? Would we want our estate to pay for that long and costly process supervised by strangers? Our parents and relatives will unlikely qualify to be appointed as financial guardians or maybe even legal guardians for the kids…

When we came home from Paris, I talked to my husband about my concerns, and he got even more terrified than me. We immediately decided to put an estate plan and a kids protection plan together before we would take another trip away from our kids.

You see, each family’s story is different; there is simply no one-size-fits-all estate plan that most attorneys will put together for you that will end up failing and putting your family through a court process anyway. To get that, you can just use an online document drafting system and save some money, but will those documents really work to protect you and your loved ones? We all have details in our lives (like out-of-state immediate family members, or my mother-in-law’s situation, or assets that one of the spouses may not even know about, etc.) that requires a unique planning session tailored just for you. And that is what you will get at Fainberg Law Group in your 2-hour Family Estate Educational Session that you can get for free if you are willing to do some homework. Click here to read more about the Family Estate Educational Session or the Children Protection Plan.


Derrick Swantz
Anastasia Fainberg is extremely good at the legal work she performs. Her complete attention to every detail make her a pleasure to work with. She is the most qualified attorney that I have ever seen. I recommend her highly as she earns your trust from start to finish.
Rosemarie Hirsch
We were very pleased with Anastasia Fainberg! Anastasia is very knowledgeable in all aspects of law, and we were grateful to have her as our Estate Planning Attorney! She was very thorough in explaining the difference between a "Will," versus "Trust." We were able to accomplish all of our goals…
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Denetria Walker
If you are looking for a Law group that is professional, attentive and covers every single detail of your estate planning then give Anastasia a call!!!!
Joel Perry
Fantastic attorney has helped me on several matters and will continue to use her for our other legal matters. I would recommend Anastasia to anyone needing legal assistance.


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