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A business attorney can be a very helpful ally for a small business. We aren’t only here to help you when you get into trouble. We assist with everything from advising you on the correct structure for your business to succession planning. Our estate and business planning company carries out several business planning functions for businesses who need the help of a business attorney.

We Offer A Comprehensive Business Planning Service 

When you choose us for your business planning needs, you can be sure you will get exceptional service. Our services include:

  • Outside general counsel
  • Business setup and maintenance
  • Contract drafting and review/analysis
  • LIFT Foundation Audit

We include many other aspects of business planning in our service offering. For example, we help you to:

  • Ensure you have the correct business model in place or can transition to a new one if you don’t
  • Put the correct agreements in place with your team members, vendors, investors, and partners.
  • Identify and explore potential business opportunities
  • Evaluate options for insurance, asset protection, and tax-saving

Fainberg & Headley, PLLC, is a law firm founded on a passion for helping people.

Business Planning Help from an Experienced Attorney

Many attorneys offer clients a boilerplate business planning service. While this may cost you less, you don’t get a personalized approach and this can spell trouble for your company. When lawyers don’t take the time to get to know you and your business, they can’t give you the best advice. Your business structure, model, and documents won’t reflect what is appropriate for your circumstances. It is, therefore, in your company’s best interests to seek a business planning attorney which will make the effort to understand your operations.

A Business Law Attorney with a Difference

When you work with a business law attorney from the Fainberg Law Group, you get an experience you won’t find with most other firms. Here are some the ways we set ourselves apart:

  • We will never surprise you with our fees. When you meet with our attorney, you choose the type of assistance you need and you agree to the fees in advance. We won’t tack on hidden charges later.
  • We help you make smart decisions regarding buying insurance, giving up control of your business and planning for retirement. We’ll make sure you don't incur huge costs or get taken advantage of by salespeople.
  • We help you to grow your business and take calculated risks. We don’t just prepare the documents you need and leave you to figure out everything else on your own.
  • We always have someone available to answer your legal questions. You won’t have to worry about unreturned phone calls like you would with another business law attorney.

Fainberg & Headley, PLLC, is a law firm founded on a passion for helping people.

I Need a Business Attorney Near Me in Denver, CO

Have you been searching for “business attorney near me”? If so, you’ve found the best company. If you’re not sure you need to hire a business attorney, sign up for a 15-minute consultation right now! We’re located in Greenwood Village, Colorado and we serve Denver and Aurora, CO so there’s no need to keep searching for “business attorney near me”.



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Derrick Swantz
Anastasia Fainberg is extremely good at the legal work she performs. Her complete attention to every detail make her a pleasure to work with. She is the most qualified attorney that I have ever seen. I recommend her highly as she earns your trust from start to finish.
Rosemarie Hirsch
We were very pleased with Anastasia Fainberg! Anastasia is very knowledgeable in all aspects of law, and we were grateful to have her as our Estate Planning Attorney! She was very thorough in explaining the difference between a "Will," versus "Trust." We were able to accomplish all of our goals…
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Denetria Walker
If you are looking for a Law group that is professional, attentive and covers every single detail of your estate planning then give Anastasia a call!!!!
Joel Perry
Fantastic attorney has helped me on several matters and will continue to use her for our other legal matters. I would recommend Anastasia to anyone needing legal assistance.
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