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We offer comprehensive outside general counsel services to small businesses. If you understand the benefit of having consistent legal advice from a business attorney but you can’t afford in-house counsel, we provide the solutions you need. We help to ensure that your business has the right foundation for maximum growth and minimal risk.

With our outside general counsel services, you will be better able to design and implement solid plans to reduce personal liability, retain talented employees, and secure income tax deductions while limiting tax obligations. We even offer advice on succession planning. When you sign a contract with us, you sign up for strong business support.

Outside General Counsel Services Tailored to Your Needs

With our outside general counsel services, you’ll benefit from the best advice you can get. Even though we aren’t based on-site like in-house counsel, we don’t only step in when something goes wrong. Instead, we monitor your business and help you to stay focused on its growth. Whether you have an established business or a startup, we take an integrated approach which includes legal, financial, insurance and tax planning assistance.

Our family business lawyer will ensure any plan incorporates the values and belief systems that are important to your family business. Since we know you have other trusted professionals on your team, we make sure we draw on their expertise so you have the strongest support possible.

Our fees and packages are structured in such a way that we are invested in the success of your small business. We have incentives to offer efficient, effective outside general counsel services which will help your business to grow.

I Need Outside General Counsel Near Me in Denver, CO

If you’re trying to find a family business lawyer or you’ve been searching for “outside general counsel near me” in Denver, CO, we can provide the advisory service you need. If you are not sure whether you need one, stop all your research for “outside general counsel near me” and sign up for a 15-minute consultation right now! Our estate and business planning company is located in Greenwood Village, Colorado and we serve Denver and Aurora, CO.



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Denver Estate Planning Attorney
Estate Planning
In the event of your passing or incapacity, an estate planning attorney will ensure your loved ones and assets are taken care of. Our services are comprehensive, and we deliver the best solution for your needs.
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Business Planning
Business planning is critical to the success of any business. We offer assistance with everything from finding the right business model to handling succession and retirement planning.
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Derrick Swantz
Anastasia Fainberg is extremely good at the legal work she performs. Her complete attention to every detail make her a pleasure to work with. She is the most qualified attorney that I have ever seen. I recommend her highly as she earns your trust from start to finish.
Rosemarie Hirsch
We were very pleased with Anastasia Fainberg! Anastasia is very knowledgeable in all aspects of law, and we were grateful to have her as our Estate Planning Attorney! She was very thorough in explaining the difference between a "Will," versus "Trust." We were able to accomplish all of our goals…
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Denetria Walker
If you are looking for a Law group that is professional, attentive and covers every single detail of your estate planning then give Anastasia a call!!!!
Joel Perry
Fantastic attorney has helped me on several matters and will continue to use her for our other legal matters. I would recommend Anastasia to anyone needing legal assistance.
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