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It can seem daunting to make decisions at the end of your life, especially if you are facing a serious injury or a terminal injury. However, a health care directive allows preparation that will ensure your wishes are carried out when necessary. An advance health care directive can help make the situation easier for both your loved ones and you. Choosing an estate planning attorney from Fainberg Law Group will ensure that this happens.

An advance health care directive is a legal document. A lawyer will help you communicate your health care wishes in case you cannot make healthcare decisions on your own. In a health care directive, our attorney will help you choose an agent to carry out your wishes for advanced care.

Using the Health Care Directive Form in Colorado

A health care directive form that is published in Colorado allows you to do several things.

  • Naming a health care agent: Filling out this directive form allows you to appoint an agent who can speak for you if you are too ill to do so yourself.
  • Specifying your health care preferences: Using the Living Will form lets you specify whether or not you want to receive life-saving treatment if you have a terminal condition. You can also specify your preferences if you are ever in a permanent coma.
  • Directions: You can use the health care directive form in Colorado to state if a health care agent can revoke a decision you have in the living will.
  • Authorizing a discussion: You can state whether or not you want a health care provider to discuss your illness with individuals in this document, such as family members.
  • Making other decisions: You can use the health care directive form in Colorado to state that you do not want certain procedures to end until people have been notified. Then you can specify whether you want to be an organ donor.

When you are working with this health form, you will find it does not cover every issue. For example, you cannot name a physician to oversee the care. You also cannot cover matters after your death. Finally, you cannot choose an agent to be a guardian to handle issues related to your comfort.

Where Can I Find a Health Care Directive Attorney Near Me?

If you need to establish a health care directive, then our attorney can help. Our company has many locations near you. We are located in Greenwood Village, CO, and we serve Denver and Aurora, CO. To get health care directive help, contact our attorney today.

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