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Download the free Kids Protection Plan Report to learn more about comprehensive Kids Protection and why you family needs one. 

If you have young children, a kids’ protection plan is a necessary element of your estate planning, with major emphasis focused on securing their future. Regardless of what happens to you, your children should be well taken of. At Fainberg Law Group, we can prepare a kid’s protection plan, which will go into effect in the event of your death or incapacity. Our attorneys will help make sure your children are not only cared for by the people you designate, but that your children’s financial and spiritual needs are met as well. At Fainberg Law Group, estate planning and business planning are our specialties.

Why Child Guardianship Forms in Case of Death Are So Important

It’s absolutely essential to have legal, signed child guardianship forms in case of your death. Unfortunately, 70 percent of parents have not assigned legal guardianship of their children. Among those that have, there are still some typical avoidable mistakes being made.

The parents may: 

  • Designate only one guardian, without having a secondary choice
  • Designate a couple as guardians, without specifying what should happen in case of a divorce or the death of one of the spouses
  • Designate only long-term guardians, without considering who will temporarily care for the children if the need arose
  • Fail to identify relatives or friends that they definitely do not want guardianship assigned to

When you hire Fainberg Law Group, our estate planning attorneys will correctly prepare your child guardianship forms in case of death, as well as other supplemental forms, including instructions to guardians, healthcare powers of attorney for minor kids, and others.

Stop Searching for “Documents for Child Custody if Parents Die”

If you’ve been considering putting a guardianship plan in place for your children, you may have been googling “documents for child custody if parents die.” All kinds of information is available online, but it is always best to speak with a qualified attorney to determine exactly what you need to protect your family. 

Guardianship plans that are never documented or poorly written could result in your children being placed into Child Protective Services or with a relative you believe would be an unsatisfactory guardian. In addition, almost five percent of the value of your assets could be lost in probate. This process could result in your assets being inaccessible for years and prevent your children from using the resources they need.

If assets designated for underage children are not placed in a trust with an assigned executor, your children could end up being awarded a lump sum when they turn 18 years old that they may not know how to properly manage. 

To answer your questions about the “documents for child custody if parents die,” the most common papers are:

  • Guardian nomination documents
  • Letters instructing guardians on how to care for your children
  • Emergency instructions for babysitters
  • Medical power of attorney

To start planning now, use our free resource located at https://fainberglaw.kidsprotectionplan.com

Kids’ Protection Plan from a Trusted Attorney in Denver

Choose Fainberg Law Group for all your estate planning needs, including a kids’ protection plan designed by our experienced attorneys. We will help you determine the best custody arrangements for your children in the event of your untimely death. 

Custody options include:

  • Sole physical custody
  • Sole legal custody
  • Joint physical custody
  • Joint legal custody
  • Joint legal and physical custody
  • Sole legal and physical custody

With the help of our attorneys, you can create a kids’ protection plan that will provide you with peace of mind. We are located in Greenwood Village, Colorado, and serve the Denver, CO and Aurora, CO areas as well as other Colorado cities. Contact our office today so that we can assist you.

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