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A will is an important component of estate planning. A will ensures that the person's wishes are carried out and can make things easier for their heirs. If an individual dies without a will, the distribution of his property is left up to the government, and may even end up becoming state property.

If you don’t have substantial assets or heirs, you may need a will instead of a trust. We will help you decide whether a will is a sufficient planning tool for your situation.

A codicil is a document that changes an existing will. Amendments made by a codicil may alter, explain, add to, subtract from, or confirm – and otherwise amend a will in any other way, minor or major, short of complete revocation. It is subject to the same formal requirements as a will.

If you have an existing will, you may need to amend or restate it from time to time by adding a codicil. We will help you determine whether a codicil is required and will help you review and restate your will based on your current needs.

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